A Personal Photo Session with a Professional Flamenco Dancer


Offered by: Kate Vredevoogd (Local expert, music journalist and fine art photographer)

$585 entire experience

up to 4 people

approx. 4 hours

Dance and Culture

Enjoy a personal portrait and landscape workshop with a professional flamenco dancer from Granada in one of the area’s most beautiful National Parks. All along, you will be guided by Kate, who is a local expert intimately familiar with the flamenco culture.

You will be shooting with a professional photographer as well as a professional flamenco dancer, who will be dressed in her full traditional flamenco dress. Photos made by Kate (your guide) in this same setting with the same model have been exhibited around Spain in galleries and museums.

You will learn about both still portraiture and capturing movement, as she will pose as well as dance while we photograph her.

In this workshop, you will learn about lighting not only for portraiture but for landscape photography as well, as we will be in one of Granada’s most beautiful natural parks with incredible mountains and valleys.

Experience local culture and explore geographical wonders while you learn about photography.

This tour is for people who are interested in flamenco culture and would like to explore outside of the city, see incredible natural wonders in the beautiful evening light and photograph an experienced model who will make your shooting experience smooth and enjoyable. We will learn about landscape photography, portraiture, and dance photography, as well as local culture and flamenco traditions.

  • Go to the hills just below the Sierra Nevada, overlooking the city of Granada and enjoy a breathtaking view of Granada and the small valley town of Monachil.
  • Walk through the pine trees and enjoy a small escape into a natural paradise.
  • Practice photographing landscapes and learn some basic techniques.
  • Learn some basic principles of portrait photography and lighting
  • Use the golden hour to combine the two types of skills you have learned and photograph a professional flamenco dancer with an incredible mountain backdrop and create gorgeous and original portraits.

Additional information

Meeting point
To be determined prior to experience based on your location. Hotel pickup can be arranged in some cases.

Recommended equipment
We can work with any and all lenses, and you’re welcome to try mine out on my camera, or on yours if you have a Nikon full-frame. I like to use an 85mm, 50 mm and 24mm. You may bring a flash if you’d like to try working with back-light, and a tripod will be necessary, although I will have one that we can share in the instance that nobody has one available. Wear comfortable shoes.

Activity level
Can be low or moderate depending on if the clients would like to do some hiking after the tour, or walk down to visit the nearest pueblo.

Important Notes
Model Fee and Transportation to the location is included.

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