An Escape from Rome – A day trip to medieval Calcata and Il Treja


Offered by: Mike Kire (Member of International Press Association and a freelance photographer based in  Rome and Venice)

$1000 for entire experience

up to 5 people

All Day

Travel Photography

Are you looking for a break from the chaos and bustle of Rome?
Take a day trip out of Rome and explore the unique medieval village of Calcata and the surrounding area of Treja Natural Park. The village of Calcata was abandoned in the 1930’s after the government deemed the cliffs on which it is perched as unstable. Then, in the late ’60s and early ’70s, artists and bohemians began gravitating to the village, drawn by its rugged beauty and a mythical energy that some say emanates from Calcata’s 150-foot-high volcanic stump. Today it is home to a wacky community of about 100 artists, bohemians, aging hippies and New Age types. The surrounding area of Treja Regional Natural Park with its deep gorges and unique natural beauty is a perfect getaway to enjoy nature and partake in some landscape photography.

  • The tour offers a perfect getaway for a day trip outside of Rome
  • Learn about the history of the area and get insights from Mike
  • Document medieval architecture and nature

Photographers of all levels and general tourists are welcome to participate in this experience

  • Photograph one of the coolest medieval villages in Italy – Calcata
  • Explore the surrounding areas of Treja Regional Park
  • The trip includes your own private transportation and driver by car/van to and from Rome

Additional information

Meeting point
The exit of the Colosseum metro station

Recommended equipment
Any set of lenses that you’d like but good to have a zoom wide angle and a mid range lens. 

Activity level