Street Ballet in the urban NYC landscape


Offered by: Omar Z. Robles (Widely published and acclaimed street and dance photographer – Huffington Post, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar)

Starting at $400/person

up to 3 people

approx. 2.5 hours

Street photography

Ever wanted to transform the streets of New York to your own studio?

Work with acclaimed street and dance photographer Omar Z. Robles to see how he transforms the aesthetics of street photography by replacing the New Yorker with New York ballet dancers. Craft your own street photography narrative by juxtaposing the clean lines of the dance forms against the rugged backdrop of the City. Use the streets of New York as a studio and the City’s ambient light to illuminate your frames as you work with ballet dancers and the natural built environment of New York as the central characters of your miniature photo story.

This experience offers a unique opportunity to try and learn to use the street as a studio. For the duration of this experience, you’ll be working side-by-side with acclaimed dance photographer Omar Z. Robles and benefit from his vision of capturing the beauty of the human body set against the urban landscape of New York City. The resulting images that you will make are bound to be a delicate expression of the physicality of dance forms such as ballet. This visual experience with Omar is sure to lend a visual aesthetic to your NYC images that are distinctive, timeless, and emotive.

This experience is catered to anybody interested in street photography and in capturing the beautiful movements of the human body against the urban backdrop of New York City. Whether you are a visual artist or visually inclined traveler visiting New York or a native New Yorker, this opportunity to work one-on-one with Omar Z. Robles and benefit from his vision of using the street as a studio is sure to be a memorable and learning experience.

  • A personal introduction to Omar Z. Robles’s artistic vision, aesthetic, and street style when approaching the street as a studio and working with dancers in the busy humdrum of New York streets
  • A 2-hour working session with Omar Z. Robles and a professional ballet dancer on the streets, in two or three different locations that will serve as unique visual backdrops
  • A unique opportunity to create your own take on New York City, while incorporating the grace and poise of a ballet dancer with the space, geometry, and dynamism of New York

Additional information

Meeting point
TBD after experience booking

Recommended equipment
A DSLR or mirrorless camera of your choice, one normal zoom lens (24-70mm) or a prime lens suitable for street portraits

Activity level
Medium – a fair bit of walking is involved

Important Notes
Please be respectful to dancers at all times. You will have ample opportunity engage with them and photograph them, please be patient when they take a minute to catch a break, a few minutes for a costume change, or a few moments to discuss their next set of moves. They will be working hard to give you the best possible visual experience and will greatly appreciate you support and participation. Please also do not venture out into neighboring streets on your own without my knowledge. I will require you to be within my visual line of sight throughout the duration of this experience.