Offered by: Shweta Agarwal (Street photographer and curator of @hcsc_street on Instagram)

$200 per person

up to 3 people

approx. 4 hours

Travel Photography

Banganga is situated in Malabar Hill, which was named after the Malabari pirates who operated in the area. The tank itself predates historical records, and its origins are rooted in legends. According to popular folklore, the eternal sweet-water spring of Banganga is a result of an arrow shot into the ground by Lord Ram while he was on his way to Lanka to rescue Sita. “There’s another legend that says that an axe thrown by Parshuram craved out different portions of the coast and resulted in the spring,” said Mittal-Deshpande. It’s also believed that Ram created a sand Shivling (waluka ishwar), which is how Walkeshwar got its name. The Walkeshwar temple stands between the tank and the sea. The current avatar of the tank finds mention in early 18th century. Its earlier looks have been described in texts between 9th and the 13th centuries. Banganga is probably the oldest surviving Hindu centre of pilgrimage in the city. Regardless of how many photos you see of Banganga, the first glimpse of the tank will leave you awe-struck. You can see ducks swimming alongside kids, a makeshift cricket pitch, and barbers giving Sunday morning champi, all in one frame. While going down towards banganga tank, adjacent to it is a private dhobi ghat which is full of friendly laundry workers who are different parts of the country and stay like family. It is divided in 2 parts and in one part there is drying place and the other part is the main washing area and in that part only, there are workers houses where they stay and rest. lot of opportunities we get for great photos in and around dhobhi ghat and people don’t mind getting clicked. They also serve tea if you get friendly with them and chit chat for a while.

Additional information

Meeting point
Girgaon chowpatty

Recommended equipment
Portrait lens 50mm and 35mm lens, zoom lens.

Activity level

Important Notes
Best time to shoot is mornings. Wear comfortable clothes and footwear and carry water

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