Dubai’s iconic skyline from two stunning rooftops


Offered by: Baber Afzal (IPA award-winning fine art and landscape photographer and brand ambassador for DJI and Capture One)

starting at $700 per person

up to 3 people

approx. 4 hours

Architectural photography

Ever wanted to capture Dubai’s jawdropping skyline from its quintessential rooftops?

Dubai is a city with an iconic skyline, yet this skyline is perhaps best seen from its rooftops. Anybody with an itch to shoot glorious cityscapes will have Dubai right on top of their bucket list, and the top is where one needs to be to make those grand panoramic vistas. Yet, getting access to these rooftops is often challenging, especially for visitors on a tight schedule. Join award-winning photographer Baber Afzal on this one-of-a-kind visceral experience where you get to see and capture Dubai’s stunning urban landscape from not one, but two different rooftops.

  • Get special access to two separate Dubai rooftops that give you compelling vantage points of the entire skyline with many of the city’s iconic landmarks in perfect perspective
  • Spend one-on-one time with Baber, an award-winning fine art photographer, and get individual coaching on framing and the technicalities of long-exposure architectural photography from a bird’s eye view
  • Experience Dubai from the skies — it’s a surreal sight to take in the glitz and glamor of the skyline from an altitude and hear about the evolution of this urban landscape from a local
  • Become a better aerial photographer — the techniques and experience with Baber will help you make better aerial images in other cities across the world
  • Elevate your post-processing skills — working with long exposure panoramic images is a whole different ballgame when it comes to processing your images. Get tips and guidance from Baber (a Capture One ambassador) on the right processing techniques and common mistakes that you are likely making currently

Whether you are in Dubai on a layover or visiting on a holiday or business trip, this experience is ideal for anybody looking to up their architectural photography game. You are sure to capture some spectacular aerial and cityscape scenes that will enhance your portfolio.

  • Approx. 3 hours of shooting side-by-side with award-winning landscape and fine art photographer Baber Afzal, including tips on framing, exposure, and post-processing
  • Exclusive access to two Dubai rooftops as shooting locations providing panoramic views of Dubai’s skyline, including many iconic structures
  • Sunset hour shot that includes a bit of the pre-sunset golden hour, blue hour, and evening time when the glittering lights of Dubai come alive
  • Pick up from and drop off to Dubai Mall will be provided.

Additional information

Meeting point
Cartier store at the Dubai Mall

Recommended equipment
DSLR camera with a wide angle lens in the 16mm to 24mm range. A lightweight tripod is also required.

Activity level

Important Notes

  • Please keep in mind that rooftop access may not be available at short notice so it is strongly recommended that you book this experience at least 5 days ahead of your desired shooting date.
  • Sometimes inclement weather conditions may not make shooting possible from a rooftop. In such cases, the best effort will be made to find an alternate shooting day as soon as possible.
  • Rooftops are often private spaces that need permits, are not open to the general public, and have security on premises. Please be mindful of this at all times when shooting with Baber. In particular, please note that no drones are allowed to be flown by visitors without a prior permit anywhere in Dubai, so flying drones from a rooftop is out of the question.