Experience the rich musical heritage of NOLA beyond Bourbon Street


Offered by: Katie Sikora (widely published live music journalist and creator of The Sexism Project)

$400 for entire experience

up to 2 people

approx. 4 hours

Culture and Documentary

Become one with the New Orleans music community, arguably one of the most diverse and eclectic in the world. As a local live music journalist, Katie Sikora shares what it means to be a part of this industry while experiencing the beauty and craftsmanship at a live show.

If you’ve primarily seen and known NOLA’s music through jazz and funk venues in and around Bourbon Street, this experience takes you beyond the tourist quarters.

  • New Orleans and music go together like pancake and syrup, yet very few visitors venture out further than Bourbon Street and its tourist traps for their musical experience
  • Learn about the many different communities from a local music journalist, how to appropriately celebrate and support them
  • Make one-of-a-kind live music images to take home, grow your portfolio and impress your friends with

This experience entails music and street photography. Anybody interested in local culture, documentary, and art will find this experience tailored to their needs

  • Go to a live show tailored to your music preferences, at the time of booking just indicate your musical taste – jazz, funk, soul, rock, blues, rap or anything else – and Katie will take care of the rest
  • Shoot side-by-side with Katie, capturing the vibrations of the music and the room, the energy of the audience and the soulful performances of the artists
  • Get to meet the artist(s) after the performance and hear what it means to be a part of the music industry of New Orleans
  • Make unique and personal live music images that will enhance your portfolio and impress your friends

Additional information

Meeting point
To be determined prior to experience based on the location of venue

Recommended equipment
Any set of lenses that you’d like but good to have a zoom wide angle lens. My ride-or-die lenses are 16-35mm and 105mm. Please DO NOT bring a flash as we will not be using it

Activity level

Important Notes
Respect to the musicians and audience is key. Our goal is to be a fly on the wall in these situations, to capture the energy of the room and of the show without disrupting it. The musicians in this city are some of the most generous, welcoming, and downright fun people I have ever met, but cultural appropriation is alive and well in New Orleans and being sensitive to that is necessary.

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