Kumbharwada, a potter’s colony


Offered by: Shweta Agarwal (Street photographer and curator of @hcsc_street on Instagram)

$180 per person

up to 4 people

approx. 3 hours

Travel Photography

Kumbhar Wada is a community of over 100 families located in Dharavi, Mumbai. Along the narrow lanes, craftsmen are seen making beautiful items of pottery surrounded by the smell of fresh clay. The community is busy throughout the year preparing different types of pots which are used for almost every festival/ occasion. They also carry out commercial productions for various companies and customize larger clay works on order. The potters had moved from Gujarat to Mumbai around 100 years ago. There are two religious groups living there (Muslims and Hindus); irrespective of their religion they proudly call themselves kumbhars (potters) and all of them work collectively, supporting each other as a community. Usually the women of the community contribute to the cleaning of clay, preparations and decorating while men do the making. The community gets raw clay from Kutch, Bhuj and Rajasthan which they prepare manually. You can find terrecotta and stoneware works in this area. All the pottery making work is conducted in the morning before starting up the kilns every afternoon. While most potters still use the Bhattis (traditional kilns), some families have started developing their own gas kilns to avoid pollution and to have better control of the temperatures. The potters live and work in the same area, making it a really close society. As you enter, there are thin lanes with houses on both sides, potters involved with their activities and children running around. It feels like you are far away from Mumbai, even though it is located in the heart of the city . The best time to visit this place is in the morning at around 10 am when the actual making takes place. The potters here are extremely skilled and it is a joy to watch them, they will happily converse with you and show you their work. It is also a great place to buy diyas (oil lamps) and other pottery directly from the source.

Additional information

Meeting point
Sion Station, east

Recommended equipment
Wide lens, tripod, portrait lens, fish eye lens, 50mm 35mm lens

Activity level

Important Notes
Wear comfortable clothes and footwear and carry water