London black & white film developing workshop


Offered by: Ioana Marinca (Street and Documentary photographer, member of AllFormat Collective, lover of B&W film photography)

$500 entire experience

up to 3 people

approx. 6 hours

Street and Documentary

Go back in time and learn to develop black and white film in this hands on mini workshop which involves a short street photo tour in London to capture images on film and then watch them come to life in the darkroom.

  • If you had any interest in B&W photography or were curious about what it takes to develop B&W film, this is your chance to get a hands on introduction to it
  • Learn about what makes a good black and white image
  • Go back to basics and use an analog camera in the streets of London (you may borrow one for the duration of the workshop)

Anyone curious to learn the chemistry and magic behind analog photography. No previous experience of analog photography required.

  • Meet Ioana at Canary Wharf, East London’s financial district
  • Use the first hour to meet and shoot a roll of film
  • Take a short walk to Ioana’s darkroom (local buses available if required)
  • Ioana provides a brief introduction to analog photography and darkroom basics
  • Photographers first practice loading the film onto reels in a regularly lit room and then move onto developing their own film
  • Tea, coffee and biscuits offered while the film dries!
  • Developing instructions will be emailed to you for future reference.

Additional information

Meeting point
Canary Wharf underground station

Recommended equipment
If you have a pre-exposed roll of film, bring that along, making note of the ISO speed you shot it at. If you have a film roll loaded into your camera but not finished, you will have the start of the workshop to finish exposing the roll. Ideally all film rolls are shot at the same speed (e.g. 400 ISO) but we can accommodate multiple speeds too (i.e. push/pull process).

Activity level

Important Notes
One roll of film must be exposed for the same speed (i.e. all 36 exposures on the roll should have been shot at 400, 800 ISO etc).  Chemicals and protective gloves are included in the workshop.  If you do not have a film camera, you can borrow one at the start of the workshop but Ioana needs to be notified about this need in advance. Medium-format b&w film can be also be accomodated, but must be requested in advance to ensure there are enough development tanks.