Midnight in Paris


Offered by: Bart Koetsier (Street and documentary photographer, and author of Taillights Fade)

$350 per person

up to 2 people

approx. 4 hours

Street photography

Want to sample the nostalgia of old Paris at night?

This experience offered by long-time night photographer Bart Koetsier takes you through scenes that could be taken straight out from Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris.” Get swept away by the “schmaltz” of an old village right in the heart of Paris as you walk along winding cobblestone streets leading to endless staircases amorously lit by lanterns from another era. The trail continues from the romantic backstreets of Montmartre to the grittier parts of the 18th arrondisement which very few visitors ever get to see. After absorbing the rough, yet authentic edges of the African district, mingle with some locals at a classic Parisian bar to observe life as it happens. Finally, descend into the neons of Pigalle where everybody seems to indulge in life. If you like to marvel at the reality of the “every day” then this offbeat Paris experience is one you must take.

Note: Bart’s night imagery series of various European series (Taillights Fade) was nominated for the Magnum Emerging Photography Fund

  • Discover the romantic and rough sides of one of the most vibrant neighborhoods of Paris with a tremendously experienced night photographer
  • Broaden your photographic horizon — see, play with, and capture that distinctive Parisian light n the night
  • Experience a side of Paris that most visitors don’t get to see, especially when many are asleep

Travelers and photographers visiting Paris who are up for a bit of adventure. Folks interested in “the night,” people, local culture, street photography, and cinematographic look will find this experience highly enjoyable.

  • Start off the experience by walking some of the oldest parts of Montmartre, shooting in the last light of the day (golden hour) on the old cobblestone streets and staircases and capture some of the local life on view
  • Continue the shoot through some of the raw and older parts of the 18th arrondisement — specifically the African district — where not a lot of outsiders ever go, and study the street scene there
  • Get back to the southern section of Montmartre, to a classic old-school Parisian bar for a beverage while mingling with some locals
  • Back on the road, descend towards the neon lights at ‘Pigalle.” This former red light area is now known for its dance bars, cocktail bars and restaurants. There will be plenty to see and photograph during the night in this vibrant area – the play of light and colors from the neon signs is worthy of many a great picture

Additional information

Meeting point
Chez Camille, 8 Rue Ravignan, 75018 Paris

Recommended equipment
A 24-35mm lens, one camera (digital or analog), good walking shoes, a steady hand or tripod

Activity level
Medium – High: a few hours of walking involved

Important Notes
This experience starts about 30 mins before sunset and runs through the evening into the night. Food and refreshment costs are not included. While this experience is characterized as street photography, we will also be exploring portraiture and “slice of life” urban scenes.