Night shift in Venice


Offered by: Filippo Leonardi (local press photographer, Magnum Education alum and curator of Bambini del Mondo)

$600 for entire experience

up to 3 people

approx. 4 hours

Night photography

Want to see an authentic and historic view of Venice? Then you’ve got to see it at night when the cruise ships and tourists have gone. Even better, want to see it in ways that some of the great masters – Fulvio Roiter, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Italo Zannier, and Gianni Berengo Gardin – saw it? This night photography experience takes you through some of the locations from where some of the most iconic photos have been made in the last 50 to 100 years by these masters.

Nighttime Venice gives you the illusion that you’ve gone back a few hundred years in time. Discover hidden spots and angles with a local professional photographer that will get you those Venice images that go beyond what you see on most brochures and guide books.

  • Discover an “authentic” Venice with an established local photographer through the lens of what the masters experienced 50-100 years ago, or even artists from 500 years ago, along with rich insights on some of the most iconic vantage points
  • Make photos of Venice in the night, when the city takes on a completely different, almost ghostly look. These images will be different from what most visitors to Venice get.

Visitors to Venice looking to experience a totally different side of the city through a night photography session.

  • See a very different Venice – at night, devoid of tourists – as if you’ve gone back a few hundred years with a time machine
  • Benefit from the perspective of what the “great masters” saw and experienced when capturing Venice, either on film or canvas, including locations from where some of the most iconic photos were made, such as by Fulvio Roiter, Gianni Berengo Gardin, and Italo Zannier. Filippo has studied under and worked with all three of them.
  • Discover hidden photography spots and angles with a local professional, where do you get the best view of San Marco Piazza, as an example, to capture snapshots of Venice that go beyond what you’ve seen in most guidebooks and brochures

Additional information

Meeting point
Piazzale Roma, Venice, infront of “Ponte della Costituzione” (known as Calatrava Bridge)

Recommended equipment
Tripod is essential, a fast lens (f/2.8) if you have one

Activity level
Medium – we will be mostly on foot for the 4 hours

Important Notes
– Please wear comfortable walking shoes
– Please carry a light snack and a bottle of water as all stores will be closed
– Please carry a light jacket as nights can get windy even in summer