Photograph Backstage at Milan Fashion Week


Offered by: Mark de Paola (Renowned fashion photographer and Leica ambassador)

$1,200 per person

1 person

approx. 5 hours

Fashion photography

Do you want to take photos at Milan Fashion Week with backstage access?

This one-of-a-kind photo experience with renowned fashion photographer Mark de Paola is available September 17-24, 2019 and gives you the chance to take “behind the scenes” fashion photos from the heart of the action – backstage!!!

Shooting with Mark is a transformative experience. Even though he doesn’t spend most of his time backstage, it is where he is most comfortable, a place he calls “my street.” When working behind the scenes at Milan Fashion Week, he finds a mutual exchange of energy with the models. Mark has a distinctive wide-open shooting style relying on only natural light to distill the fast-paced action.

Whether you are a Milan native or a visitor to the Italian fashion capital, this is your chance to feel like a fashion insider. Regardless of whether your interest lies in travel, street or fashion photography, “The Art of Backstage” makes the Milan Fashion Week backstage both your street and runway.

Shoot with Mark de Paola (Vogue, Gucci, Saint Laurent) and watch him capture the organized chaos of the backstage environment. The best moments at Fashion Week happen backstage as designers, hairstylists, makeup artists and directors work to transform models from street to runway. This is your unique opportunity to document the process and see the unseen.

Additional information

Meeting point
Milan. Specific meeting point will be announced prior to the experience.

Recommended equipment
One camera and one lens of your choice. No reflectors, tripods, or other equipment please.

Activity level

Important Notes
A day before fashion week starts, Loculars attendees will meet with Mark de Paola and the production team for an hour briefing at a local Milan cafe to discuss backstage etiquette, pacing, etc. Meeting information and show schedules will be emailed to each Locular photographer one week prior to fashion week. Call times for your assigned show will typically be three hours prior to show time, with the show lasting up to an hour.

Your show schedule will roughly be as follows:

  • Models are prepped in hair and makeup 1 hour prior to show – Models rehearse on the runway 45 minutes prior to show
  • Final touches on hair and makeup 15 minutes prior to show
  • Models dress 5 minutes prior to show
  • Models are given last looks in the final lineup with hair, makeup, and styling

What you can expect to shoot:

  • Models being prepped in hair and makeup
  • Model rehearsal from either backstage or the audience area prior to guest arrival
  • Portraits – Final looks in final lineup before the models walk the runway *Should you like, you may submit your media to the production team for possible social media promotion of your work from backstage!* *This workshop is for admission into the backstage environment only and does not include admission to the actual runway show.* *Light refreshments and snacks will be available backstage.*

Below please find a few bullets outlining backstage etiquette one should be aware of when signing up for this Loculars experience:

  • Milan Fashion Week Backstage is a working environment with hundreds of fast-moving pieces. Please be aware of your surroundings and do not block team members from doing their work. Be as quiet and as invisible as possible
  • Do not talk to or make connections with the models, makeup artists, or hairstylists. This is not a time to make friends, but a time to deeply immerse oneself into a very rarified photographic experience
  • Please be aware that Mark de Paola is a part of the working team and during certain fast moving beats throughout the show preparation, are not available to give immediate feedback. Please refer to your assigned production team with any questions, requests, or concerns and we will be happy to help!
  • Large pieces of equipment (i.e. strobes, reflectors, multiple large camera bodies or lenses, tripods, etc.) will not be allowed. Please consolidate to the minimal amount of equipment you love to do your best work.

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