Photographing Blue Hour


Offered by: Jeroen de Jongh (Amsterdam based specializing in urban, street and long-exposure photography)

$100 per person

up to 4 people

approx. 2 hours

Travel Photography

The blue hour is my personal favorite time of the day for photography. If you’ve been to the city a couple of times, there is a good chance you’ve hit the main spots such as Groenburgwal, the corner of Keizersgracht-Leidsegracht, the ‘wet’ part of Rokin etc., which are all splendid shots to get, and I (as would any Amsterdam photographer) would totally recommend you shooting those. A quick Google image search and most Amsterdam photography related blogs will point you that way as well. You will not get any prizes for originality with those locations, but they are good shots to have in your collection anyway. Fortunately, Amsterdam also has some relatively undiscovered areas which come alive at the blue hour and carry more “novelty” points than the usual canal scenes. During this experience, we will check out pockets of the Western Isands, the Oudeschans/Waalseilandgracht neighborhood, Da Costakade/Egelantiersgracht, Mauritskade and the Eastern Docklands. Depending on your interest, I can offer a tailored set of locations, including the more common ones, especially if you are short on time and need to hit a few spots quickly. The blue hour obviously doesn’t last too long, so I will make the route with locations that are both quick to hit and are interesting enough even when it gets dark.

Additional information

Meeting point
To be agreed upon

Recommended equipment
A tripod is a must in this experience, as well as a camera with which you can make long exposure photos. Therefore, some basic knowledge about shutter speeds surely comes in handy.

Activity level

Important Notes
As we can go to various locations in all times of the year (only becomes tricky during the peak of summer, when nightfall happens late in Amsterdam), please contact me, and I am sure we can create a nice program.

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