Photographing Modern Architecture


Offered by: Jeroen de Jongh (Amsterdam based specializing in urban, street and long-exposure photography)

$150 per person

up to 4 people

approx. 3 hours

Travel Photography

Amsterdam is definitely a gem for old Dutch architecture, Renaissance style canal houses, houseboats, and you are sure to find enough of these in the city center. And while you should not miss those, most visitors usually do not venture out of the touristy Dam Square area or the city’s main canal arteries, especially on short trips. But Amsterdam also has enough to offer in terms of a rich and emerging post-modern architecture scene, if you choose to venture out just a bit out of the city center, and know which spots to hit. The locals and frequent visitors to Amsterdam will know these areas well, but on your first few trips here, you will likely miss them. in recent years, Amsterdam has emerged to be one of the top spots in Europe for both contemporary art and architecture. If architectural, street, urban and abstract photography interest you, this experience is for you. There are particular vantage points in the Eastern Docklands, Westerdok and Ijdock that we will cover. Evening or night times are best recommended for this to cover the range of hues in the sky, as well as the reflections of the buildings and their lights.

Additional information

Meeting point
Amsterdam Central Station

Recommended equipment
Basically every camera suffices for this experience, from your average point and shoot to high end full frame DSLRs. A tripod is recommended if you prefer an evening walk. No specific clothes are required for this experience, other than wearing a pair of comfortable shoes (as we will be doing a fair bit of walking). Regarding clothes, mostly keep in mind that it is practically always windy in Amsterdam. As we may have to take public transport on an occasion or two, a ticket to be able to use the public transport will come in handy. These tickets can be acquired at the GVB tickets & information office, but I can also buy a ticket for you beforehand.

Activity level

Important Notes
The experience fees exclude costs for food, drinks, public transport, and other costs that may have to be made during the experience.

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