Mexico City Streets


Offered by: Keith Dannemiller (Widely published photojournalist capturing Mexican society for over 30 years)

$400 per person

up to 3 people

approx. 7 hours

Street photography

Want to craft your personal street photography narrative in historic Mexico City?

The streets of the historic center of Mexico City offer a poetic charm for most visitors, even more notably for the visual storyteller. Photographing the streets here is an intense experience, yet extremely rewarding for the prepared and well-oriented. Ever-present references to the city’s past co-exist with hypermodern reflections of lifestyle, streetwear, and urban landscapes — the clash and the contrast on these streets present unique opportunities to enhance one’s understanding of Mexico City’s vibrant culture as well as a vision appropriate to capture it through the lens.

But making good street photographs is not easy. In fact, in an unfamiliar urban space with language and cultural barriers, it can be downright daunting and unnerving. Shooting on the streets here requires balancing your curiosity and itch for discovery with your personal security and respect for the local etiquette. Good street photographers are not born, they are made. This day-long session with Mexico veteran and documentary photographer Keith Dannemiller is sure to activate your street photography “eye” and help you essay your very own Mexico City narrative.

Walk, watch and photograph with Keith Dannemiller, a widely regarded photojournalist and commentator on the evolution of Mexican society for over 30 years. This intensive, workshop-style photo experience on the back of Keith’s rich and varied documentary experience serves as your bridge to Mexican culture and street customs. Safely navigate the city’s streets while making photos of strangers — whether or not you’ve been here before or speak any Spanish. Remember that street photography is an attitude fashioned by, not a sense of entitlement, but one of humility that respects the space and people you photograph.

Anybody visiting Mexico City and interested in cultural exploration and insights, people, markets, everyday life on the streets and to see this historic city along with a vastly experienced photojournalist who has called Mexico City his home for over 30 years.

  • Review existing work of yours and Keith jointly to establish a sense of style, preferences, and individual needs. Get Keith’s perspective on your street photography “eye” and what might work more effectively in Mexico City
  • 2 to 2.5 hours of street photo walk in Mexico City’s historic Centro district, looking for vantage points, interesting scenes, and moments as they happen
  • Explore an indoor-outdoor market, walk into a boxing gym to photograph for a short while, and walk the streets capturing interesting “everyday” life
  • 1.5-hour break for lunch and a quick review of images made in the morning
  • 2 hours of shooting back on the streets of the Centro, benefiting from the afternoon light and to capture the ever-changing mood and activities of the city as it gears up for the evening
  • 1 hour of final review of images at a local coffee shop or bar

Additional information

Meeting point
Will be provided after booking confirmation

Recommended equipment
Any camera and lens are fine, would recommend the 24 to 35mm range. Please wear comfortable walking shoes.

Activity level

Important Notes