Street Photography in Naples with the founder of “Spontanea”, an Italian Street Photo Collective


Offered by: Umberto Verdoliva (award-winning photographer and founder of “Spontanea”, an Italian Street Photo Collective, widely published across various publications including Lensculture)

$150 per person

2(min) to 4 people

approx. 3 hours

Street Photography

Walking through Spaccanapoli one passes through the thousand-year history of the city. Here there are not only the ancient buildings, churches, but also the legends and the unmistakable smells of Neapolitan cuisine. Do not be surprised by anything: along the way you can meet beautiful churches, families living in the streets, artists-artisans and abusers who sell everything. Spaccanapoli is a narrow gut, in which Neapolitans, tourists and mopeds coexist, but there is not a place in the city that can better tell you the soul of Naples, its essence that here reveals itself without tricks. Spaccanapoli is not a tourist card: it is Naples.

  • Discover Naples with a local professional photographer who will help you get those images that go beyond what you think, to meet the city and its inhabitants through your eyes, bringing the moments caught with you forever. A total immersion in the daily life of the city to catch the essence of the place itself.

Visitors to Naples who wish to be guided by an award-winning street photographer

  • Street photography as a tool to get to know the area by approaching the city and its inhabitants.If interested, get feedback on your images at the end of the session.

Additional information

Meeting point

In front of the station Garibaldi square

Recommended equipment

Fixed lens 28-35-50 mm or zoom 18-70 mm.

Wear comfortable walking shoes as we will be walking most of the time

Activity level