Experience The Ancient Drink of the Aztec Priests


Offered by: Michael Amici (Award winning Hearst photojournalist, filmmaker, and educator with the Santa Fe Workshops)

$250 per person

up to 4 people

approx. 4 hours

Culture and Documentary

Explore the highlands of Guanajuato with this trip into the Maguey fields and onto one of the few farms that still produces the ancient drink of the Aztecs- Pulque. Get access inside the humble houses to meet the locals and see what day to day life looks like in rural Mexico as we photograph the countryside. Enjoy a completely organic meal made with local ingredients as you drink Agua Miel in its fermented state- Pulque.

  • Visit one of the few remaining farms that still harvests the towering Magueys for the collection of Agua Miel & fermentation of Pulque.
  • Get insider access to some of the homes of the locals and get a chance to meet and converse with them
  • Visit the ancient settlement of Jalpa, near the state line with Queretaro, with its impressive church on the shores of a small lake surrounded by the Sierra Madre mountains.
  • Photograph your choice of model(male/female) in this incredible surrounding using natural light or studio equipment (**Optional add on for an additional $200 per model)

This experience is ideal for documentary photographers, landscape photographers, portrait photographers, and adventure/travel photographers looking for something different. Foodies and culinary photographers will enjoy the cooking process and the unique ingredients used. Students will be forced to confront their fears of approaching strangers as we learn how to make thoughtful portraits in a limited amount of time & using available light.

Experience a part of the ancient culture of Mexico as we meet with farmers from the community and document the collection of Agua Miel.

See what life in rural Mexico looks like as cowboys herd their livestock, farmers tend to their fields as the Doñas prepare a meal that comes straight from their garden as does the fresh Agua Miel & Pulque.

Photograph the stunning Landscapes along the way and visit the Mission of Jalpa that dates back to the 1700’s.

Enjoy a completely organic meal along with the Pulque

Additional information

Meeting point
St. Paul’s Church- Calle Cardo #6, Centro, San Miguel de Allende.

Recommended equipment
Whatever camera(s) you feel most comfortable with.

Activity level
Medium to High level of activity, with participants choosing how far they are
comfortable walking on the hillside.

Important Notes
This is a rural ranching community. Please be respectful of the people
you come into contact with and always ask before taking pictures.

Price Includes lunch at the farm, one mug of Pulque per person & transportation to the farm and a tour of Jalpa with Michael Amici. Male & Female models are available at a cost of 200 US each.

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