Willets Point – Photograph a disappearing neighborhood with a documentary photographer


Offered by: Greg Brophy (well-published documentary photographer who documents New York’s disappearing neighborhoods )

$350 for entire experience

up to 2 people

approx. 2 hours

Documentary photography

Do you want to photograph a dystopian landscape of garages, junkyards and recycling parts in the heart of NYC that is on the verge of gentrification? Join documentary photographer Greg Brophy on this eye opening photo experience as he takes you into the heart of Willets Point also known as new York’s Iron Triangle. 

  • Get insights into the story behind Iron Triangle from Greg who has been documenting the changes in this neighborhood over the years
  • Expand your documentary photography skills and learn how to approach people and photograph them

NYC visitors and locals alike who are interested in people and documentary photography. This experience will be of special interest to you if you are interested in social reform and gentrification.

  • Explore and photograph the dusty streets of Willets Pt that are forgotten in time and appear more developing world than cosmopolitan
  • Meet some of the migrant workers and hear first hand accounts of their lives and their struggles
  • Photograph behind the scenes at some of the junkyards and auto shops with Greg who has formed deep connections in this neighborhood over the years*
  • Get a deeper understanding of the social impact of gentrification and learn about the changes happening to this neighborhood from its occupants

Additional information

Meeting point
Met Life Stadium/Citi Field in front of the subway steps

Recommended equipment
dust mask(it can get dusty on a breezy day), wide angle lens, portrait lens

Activity level

Important Notes
Due to the sensitive nature of gentrification and migrant workers and the current political climate, behind the scenes access cannot be guaranteed on all occasions

Recommended Reading 

You can find some of Gregs images and stories on Willets Point that have been published by visiting the articles linked below:





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