Alex Coghe


Official Fujifilm X Ambassador, photojournalist, editor and educator

Alex Coghe is a photojournalist currently based in Mexico. In 2013 he worked on assignment for Leica Camera AG, realizing the documentary project “People of Chapultepec” published worldwide in the Leica X brochure. His work in Mexico is focused on the documentation of human conditions in the barrios, popular neighborhoods of Mexico City and he collaborates with some NGO in Oaxaca. Recently he was the speaker in Orvieto 2018, an event organized by FIOF.

Currently, Alessio’s work is represented by Polaris Images and LatinPhoto.

Alex is an official Fujifilm X Ambassador


» Video of Alex on assignment with Leica

Experiences by Alex


By Alex Coghe

$350/person for 5 hours (up to 3 people)

Experience and document the human condition at one of the most important religious sites in Mexico under the mentorship of a Fujifilm ambassador


By Alex Coghe

$1800/person for 5 days (up to 4 people)

This 5 days experience in Oaxaca is all about finding your own unique vision in the charming and magical southern Mexican city of Oaxaca and the surrounding region.

By Alex Coghe

$500/person for 4 hours (up to 3 people)

Join Alex in this experience to find your inner vision through street photography and document the human condition in the vibrant barrio of Zona Rosa as it comes to life during the blue hour.

By Alex Coghe

Starting at $2500/person for 5 days (2-5 people)

Journey through the heart of the northern Sicily, exploring the historic old “barrios” of Palermo like Vucciria, Ballard, and Capo. On Document the everyday life of Sicilians in Palermo and other villages around Palermo like Corleone, Bolognetta, Ficuzza.