Charlotte Bellamy


International award-winning professional fine art photographer specializing in abstract photography

Charlotte Bellamy’s creative style of photography is inspired by the environment in which she lives. She takes inspiration for her work the minute she looks out of her window. The weather and the changes in season, offering her ever changing wonderment. Having moved from the UK to her new home in a small rural village in the Netherlands, she finds pleasure and inspiration in the contrasts and colours she sees around her, things that she believes the locals don’t even notice. She delights in the opportunity to portray what many to consider as a ‘flat and boring’ landscape, into images that intrigue and question that preconceived notion.

Her early photographic career over 10 years ago, tended towards portraits and weddings. However, with a move to the Netherlands, her interest in landscapes was triggered. After five years following a traditional landscape photography path, she felt a need to express her feelings about the locations she was photographing, rather than just capturing a technically perfect or pretty image of a place.

Charlotte has never been one to follow the crowd. So, through a desire to push boundaries, and experiment outside of the expected, she has found a powerful way to express her creativity through Intentional Camera movement and multiple exposure layering of images. These techniques she feels, help her to add texture, contrast and colour, resulting in images that then require more than a quick glance for the viewer to fully understand what they are looking at. Some of her images are created in a moment of spontaneity, whilst others are carefully combined to replicate a memory. Many of her images are made just a short walk from her house, and prove that you need not travel to beautiful and exotic locations to create unique images. Just that you be inspired and intrigued by a location.

Her work has been published in the ‘Creative light’ and ‘On Landscape’ online magazines and in ‘Camera craft’ magazine in the UK. She has 3 images exhibited in the ‘Connected’ exhibition in the UK in April 2019. She hosted her first exhibition of her work ‘Netherlands through new eyes’ in 2014, and she is a regular exhibitor at the Doesburg Culturele Zondag.

Her aspiration for her work is that it is recognised as art and not just photos, and to encourage viewers of her work to “take a moment to look beyond the normal; to see the chance of the incredible”.


Creative light magazine – October 2018 – 6 page article on my Master Craftsman qualification achievement Creative light magazine article read here

On Landscape online magazine- July 2018 a 4×4 portfolio article entitled ‘first sign of spring’ – 4 images from my ICM fairytale woodlands project. – On Landscape article read online

Camera Craft Magazine – January/February 2018 – 6 page portfolio review – ‘Low country Landscapes’ – finding inspiration for landscape photography in an a non chocolate box location.  – View magazine article online

Creative Light online magazine – April 2014 – 7 page article documenting my photographic journey with The Guild of Photographers Creative light article read here



Netherlands through new eyes. In December 2014 I hosted my first exhibition of my work.  I displayed my Dutch landscape photography from a personal project to explore the Netherlands as an outsider living in a new land over 2 days. I was delighted with the interest and the level of print sales. Netherlands through new eyes exhibition

Doesburg Culturele Zondag. Regular exhibitor at this Doesburg event held each month. Work from my involvement with the FODO camera club theme groups over the last four years.  Culturele Zondag website

Experiences by Charlotte


By Charlotte Bellamy

$300/entire experience for 3 hours (up to 2 people)

Capture the vibrant city of Amsterdam with abstract creativity. Try your hand at Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) and create unique, almost sketch-like records of the city architecture.