Joana Toro

New York Times and Wall Street Journal published documentary photographer, exhibited in photo festivals around the globe

Joana Toro is a self-taught photojournalist and documentary photographer based in New York City and Colombia. She has worked as a staff photographer for major publications in Colombia and has been pursuing her career as a visual artist in the United States since 2011. She explores the issues of immigration, gender, culture, and identity. Her aim is to highlight underrepresented voices in order to generate a discussion amongst the public. She sees having access to other people’s lives as a gift and an opportunity to use the camera as an instrument of social change.

Her work has been exhibited in photo festivals around the world: GuatePhoto Festival (Guatemala), Just Another Festival (India), Photoville (NY), Transizioni (Italy) and Pingyao China, amongst others. Joana’s projects have been published in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Smithsonian Magazine, PhotoWorld Magazine China, and other global publications. Joana has held scholarships to the “Visual Storytelling and Documentary Photography Project 2017” by Ed Kashi and James Estrin, “Mary Clerk Scholarship to the 68th Annual Missouri Photo Workshop 2016,” and was a finalist for the “Julia Margaret Cameron Awards” and the “En Foco Fellowship Awards #18 2015.”


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By Joana Toro

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