Katie Sikora

Widely published live music journalist and creator of The Sexism Project

Katie Sikora graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in Visual Journalism and worked as Photo Editor at The Peninsula Pulse in Wisconsin and an Archivist at The National World War II Museum in New Orleans before turning into a full-time photographer. Currently, Katie is following her passion as a live music journalist and has photographed hundreds of bands and musical artists from around the globe.

She has shot everything from shark tagging research to Vodou ceremonies. Her photographs have been published by The Chicago Sun-Times, Gambit, The Times-Picayune, RedEye Chicago, The New Orleans Advocate, Houseshow Magazine, Antigravity Magazine, In The Bite Magazine, Thrillist, CBS Chicago, NBC Chicago, and the World Wildlife Fund amongst others.

Katie is the creator and director of The Sexism Project, an ongoing portrait and interview series featuring the stories of real women in real industries experiencing real sexism.

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By Katie Sikora

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