Umberto Verdoliva


(award-winning photographer, founder of Italian Street Photo Collective “Spontanea”, widely published across various publications including Lensculture)

Umberto Verdoliva has been photographing since 2006. He holds workshops and in-depth studies on street photography. In 2013 he founded “Spontanea”, an Italian collective dedicated to street photography. For Umberto, photography is a personal way to understand humanity, its implications and contradictions. He also does it to bear witness to the times and especially to have a tool with which to become a better man.

Verdoliva has received numerous awards and some important placings such as the Miami Street photography festival 2014 and 2016 and the San Francisco photo street festival 2016.

Verdoliva collaborated with Italian street photography festival with a talk and a workshop in April 2016 in Rome.

He published the book “An Ordinary Day” in 2016 edited by the Mignon group of Padua.


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Experiences by Umberto


By Umberto Verdoliva

$150/person for 3 hours (2-4 people)

Experience the soul of Naples with the found of “Spontanea” – an Italian Street Photography Collective