Frequently Asked Questions

For photographers wishing to join Loculars

A Loculars experience is by design different from a standard photo workshop or mainstream photo tours that cover popular touristic destinations. We want to work with accomplished local photographers so as to give our clients an authentic, locally relevant and immersive visual experience.

There are three broad ways in which photographers bring value to an experience. Our request is that you craft your experiences such that they fit one of these categories. In many cases, they can also be some combination of them.


The primary value of these experiences hinges around exclusive or privileged access that the photographer provides to something — an event, a community of people, a festival etc. This could include a behind-the-scenes view, backstage access, exclusive entry and so on. 

Litmus test – will the client be able to do this experience or get to this location without me or through a simple google search?


The primary value of these experiences hinges around distinctly local insight and knowledge of a location — off the beaten path neighborhoods, a local community of musicians, artists or craftsmen — basically subjects and places that are atypical, most tourists would not know of, and yet provide something visually interesting.

Litmus test – can a client do or know about this experience through a popular travel or photography blog, a TripAdvisor recommendation, a tourist guide book? Am I bringing some substantial insights that are authentic? 


The primary value of these experiences is in learning to see and capture a location with a new lens — a new shooting technique, a different visual style, or broadening one’s photography toolkit, or learning from a photographer  — essentially so that a client is able to experience that location in a way that he/she has not done before, or even learn something new in a mini-workshop format.

Litmus test – does this experience provide a novel visual style, emerging shooting technique or have a substantive educational aspect to it?

We do not require you to sign a contract with Loculars. Our platform provides a listing service for experiences you would like to offer. Your participation is voluntary. We do not hire you as a contractor and nor do we employ you. You may opt out of listing your experience on Loculars at any time and for any reason by contacting us at Loculars also reserves the right to highlight/feature or remove any of your experiences that have been listed on Loculars.

There is no fee for listing an experience. It is free to list an experience. Loculars takes a 20% commission on any sales that may result from the listing of the experience.

Payments to the photographer are made within 2-5 business days after the actual date of the experience.

Currently Loculars pays their photographers using PayPal.

We provide the flexibility for you to dictate your own cancellation policy and we recommend that you provide us the details of the cancellation policy while setting up your experience. If you do not provide a cancellation policy, our standard cancellation policy applies. We provide a full refund to the customer if a cancellation happens prior to 2 weeks of the date of the experience. For cancellations made between 2 weeks from the date of the experience until 3 days from the experience, we refund 50% of the booking amount. For cancellations within 3 days of the experience or no shows, we do not provide any refunds. In all cases, the photographer gets paid any money collected by Loculars from the client minus the 20% commission amount.

We will provide a full refund to the client and you shall not receive any payment.

In such cases, we set up the experience in such a way that the client is not charged immediately. Once we receive a booking request, we will try to reach out to you within 72 hours of the booking to confirm your availability. We will then provide the client the confirmation of the date or if needed, discuss alternative dates that you may be available.

All images that you provide to us are owned by you. We use those images to list your experiences on Loculars or feature your experiences and for marketing your experiences. We may use your image on our social media channels or our newsletter and other marketing materials from time to time. In all those cases we will give full credit to you as the photographer and where possible, link back to your social media/web account.

For any further questions, please reach out to us at